Focus on Kitengela Town, Kajiado County

Kitengela town is located in Kajiado County just 30 kilometers south of Nairobi. The town is growing constantly with buildings coming up and people moving in to capitalize on the property boom in the town.

In the last five years, property prices in Kitengela town have steadily been going up, and there is no sign of a slow down any time soon. For instance, an acre of land that used to go for KES 100,000 about five years ago is now going for up to KES 10 million in some prime areas in the town.

The town centre now has businesses premises cropping all over the place. These include shopping malls such as Eastmatt, Tuskys, Naivas; and banks (National, Equity, KCB, DTB, Family Bank among others). There are also numerous cyber cafes, boutiques, and petrol stations in the town. Near Kitengela town is the Maasai Ostrich Park, a fairly popular tourist destination located 7 km off the Nairobi-Namanga road.

The infrastructure of the town is also getting a lift, with the newly-opened Namanga road now smooth and fully tarmacked all the way to Kenya’s border with Tanzanbia at Namanga town.

Kitengela town
Kitengela town

The EPZ (Export Processing Zone), which stands on 339 hectares of land, supports various developments in the region. These include industrial buildings for rent and housing for sale and rent to the tenants living in the town. There is a water and sewerage treatment plant that supplies water to Kitengela town and its environs. The area also has a power substation and an electricity distribution network.

With the growth of the town, many housing estates have come up. These include the new valley estate, milimani estate, acacia estate and many others distributed throughout Kitengela. Apartments and houses in these estates are going at between Kshs 5.5 Million to 9 Million or more depending on the location.

The economy of Kitengela largely derives from industries such as the Kenya Export Processing Zone (EPZ), East African Portland Cement, Savannah Cement, the Athi River Mining, Kenya Meat Commission, and Kenchic Ltd, which are located within in this area. The result has been a heightened real estate development in the area.

Farming of flowers such as that done by Maasai Flowers Ltd has also contributed to the growing economy of Kitengela. Besides, the area, which was originally grazing land for the native Maasai community, still has significant livestock farming activities.

In recent years, Kitengela has seen an entry of a wide range of learning institutions. These range from international and national primary and secondary schools (a few examples include Excel Girls High School, Kitengela Vineyard Secondary School, Kitengela Girls High School and others); University campuses such as The East African University, Kitengela Institute of Professional Studies, KCA, and many others. The main attraction to Kitengela is the readily available land, but this is also quickly being gobbled up by the many commercial and agricultural activities in the area.