Solar Panel For Industrial Installations

Solar Heating Large Installation for Apartments, Hotel & Lodge, Hospital, Farm and Industrial

Design Engineer presso BOBECO Ltd
By Valentino Conti, Design Engineer presso BOBECO Ltd

How It Works

The sun heats up the liquid in the solar panels on the roof. The heat from the solar liquid is transferred to a stratified charging module which charges the backup tank. According to the energy needs, hygienic domestic hot water may be produced instantaneously, either centralized or decentralized. A common solution for or retrofitting applications is the continuous hot water preheating of the existing hot water tank. The COMFORT E XL solutions may also ideally be configured to support room heating and/or swimming pool heating.

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Solar energy for hot water and heating is the most effective renewable energy solution, and high quality large scale solutions offer important savings on-going energy costs of any type of project with (high) hot water or heating demand.

Swimming Pool Solutions
Swimming Pool Solutions


Combustion of oil and gas fossil fuels is considered to be the largest contributing factor to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Using solar energy for the production of hot water and heating, especially in large installations with high energy demand, can give considerable reductions of CO2 emissions.


Oil and gas are scarce resources that will run out over time. The future price is highly uncertain. During the last 10 years, oil prices have increased by 300 %. Using as much solar energy as possible reduces the user’s dependency on other energy sources, and so removes the worry about increasing fossil fuel prices and possible future scarce supply.


Depending on system configuration and building insulation, large scale solutions can for residential buildings deliver up to 70% of the yearly hot water demand and up to 30% of the heating demand.

We can calculate the realistic potential of your specific project if you want (contacts below).

Scenarios are many; but here are a few you may want to consider:

  • Ideally suited for the integration of additional solar swimming pool heating and / or heating support.
  • Options for fresh, hygienic hot water production without legionella, through decentralized hot water generation in continuous flow mode.
  • Highly efficient strata charging of the backup tank possible, by means of pre-mounted stratified charging module.

Areas of application are many, such as apartment buildings, health care facilities, hotels and sports facilities, as well as public buildings.

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